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Who we are


Introducing VOLTERE, a new high-end sportswear brand crafted for the game of Padel specifically. Based in Brussels, Belgium, our brand is an ode to the sport's uniqueness and a testimony of our ultimate passion for the court. 

Our mission is to support devoted players who aim for higher levels on the court, both in terms of performance and look. It is our job to ensure the utmost quality and durability of our products so you can focus on what matters: how you play.

We —better than anyone— understand your desire to be the best. We urge you not to fear, and to be unapologetically yourself on the court.

Wear it with pride.


We fuse advanced technology into our collections for the most versatility, extreme comfort and agility as well as breathability ensuring optimal airflow during intense matches. In other words, we’re elevating your results through innovation in every stitch.


Our emphasis on sophisticated and detailed design ensures garments that boost player confidence and command attention. Elevating both performance and style, our apparel ensures every deserving player shines on and off the court.


When wearing VOLTERE, a player should be inspired and sublimated in style and playing skills. We believe a player alone can make the match tilt in his favour if he harbours the VOLTERE mindset: play fearlessly and with absolute confidence, passion and will.


All our products are made with the idea of intense and prolonged,  therefore our gear is built to last through every intense match, so you can focus on dominating the court. And on top of that,  our sleek designs are sure to boost your confidence and make you stand out on the court.

As padel became a worldwide religion, join us and strive for excellence !


Designed in Belgium

VOLTERE is based in Brussels, Belgium where we carefully craft your next collection to be unlike anything else on the market.


Once everything is designed and approved, we produce everything in Portugal to ensure the highest standards of quality.


Our objectives are not only to have you look good on the court, but also to ensure garment technicality: optimal movement, sweat absorption and maximal comfort.